My trainings and workshops are highly participatory and focused on deepening existing knowledge within a group or organization. I use role-plays, case studies, dialogues, and personal experiences to shed light on issues and strategies in ways that draw on participants’ skills and strengths. I am indebted to the popular education philosophies of Paulo Freire and Myles Horton for this approach. Much more information about my approach to facilitating meetings and trainings can be found here.

I frequently adapt and tailor trainings to the needs and setting of particular groups and organizations. Please contact me to explore what options may work best for your group.

The following is a partial list of the types of trainings and workshops that I offer. This page is under construction – I plan to offer detailed descriptions in the months to come!

Community-Based Health and Wellness:

    • Peer-based Crisis Intervention
    • Using Herbs to Support Mental Health (with Lauren Giambrone of Good Fight Herb Co.)
    • Emotional Self-Care for Healers and Other Change Agents
    • Healing Justice Organizing: Lessons from the Rock Dove Collective

Community Organizing Skills:

    • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
    • Facilitation & Consensus Building
    • Decision-Making Structures for Social Change
    • Process Queen: Policies & Procedures for Accountability & Sustainability

Working with Sex Workers:

    • Emotional Harm Reduction with Sex Workers
    • Understanding Violence Against Sex Workers
    • Sex Work Harm Reduction: Beyond Safer Sex

Working with Survivors of Violence:

    • Trauma-Informed Organizing
    • Working with LGBTQ+ Survivors of Violence
    • Self-Care: Managing Secondary Trauma for Healers