Conflict Resolution & Accountability Processes

My training as a trauma counselor, mediator, and social worker makes me especially skilled in navigating conflict and tension within organizations and between individuals. I use participatory and transformative justice approaches to help understand the root causes of issues, examine harms, and develop strategies that transform conflict and harm into more grounded and accountable relationships.

Healing & Grief Circles

In the wake of death, trauma, or other forms of loss, I have supported groups and individuals to cope with and heal through grief, anxiety, and depression. I tailor every circle to respond to the needs and circumstances of each situation. Ultimately I seek to hold space to allow participants to support themselves and each other, through ritual, discussion, reflection, and celebration.

Organizational Start-up Support

I have worked with multiple organizations at the beginning of their development (both as all-volunteer collectives or young non-profits) to clarify their brilliant ideas into concrete visions and structures for their work together. This includes developing mission and vision statements as well as organizational structures, decision-making processes and other protocols that reflect their values and vision.

Organizational Retreats

I work with groups and organizations to review and reflect on previous work, measure their strengths and areas for growth, and plan their work. This may include tune-ups of any structures or processes that no longer reflect the most ideal strategies for getting the work done, or introducing new systems to respond to emerging needs.