“Maryse is a phenomenal healer, organizer and facilitator of information. As a coordinator of the Healing Justice Practice Space at the Allied Media Conference, her vision for what it means to create accessible, safe, well-planned spaces has permeated every aspect of the AMC. In 2013, Maryse was a critical addition to the annual coordinators meeting where over 50 organizers gather to logistically plan the course of their content at the conference. Realizing there was a lack of resources for the myriad ways accessibility–in all its forms–is necessary and attainable, she worked with a team to create a presentation to group. Drawing from her wealth of knowledge and experience Maryse was prepared to share best practices, tools and links in a way that informed the outcome of the conference as a whole. We are so grateful for her ongoing commitment and support of the Allied Media Conference.”

-Morgan Willis, AMC Content Coordinator, Allied Media Projects


“Maryse’s training on working with LGBTQ youth was insightful, sharp, and collaborative.  She drew on the strengths, experience, and knowledge of our team, and supported our growth and commitment to this crucial facet of our work.  Her graceful combination of expertise and respect made her a wonderful fit for our organization.”

-Danielle Sered, Director, Common Justice


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